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Welcome to the Sports Experts Scrolling Marathon, the first 42.2 km mobile experience to help you understand the time and effort real runners put into a race. But with your thumb. And from the comfort of your living room. And without breaking a sweat... But like any mobile experience, it is not recommended for use while driving.


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When the race starts, scroll the screen.

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The runners that finished their race before Sunday September 25, 2016 at midnight with the fastest times will be contacted to claim their prizes.



Let us know your name and email address and you could win one of many various prizes... if you're a champion Scrolling Marathoner, that is. The 5 fastest Scrolling Marathoners will receive the gear they need to take their run to the next level.


You’ve done it! Know that today, you’re one of the only people to ever cross the finish line in a Scrolling Marathon. Now that’s a performance to be proud of.

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Thanks for participating! Now, lace up and go run for real!

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